Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Oh dear, I've done it again. It's been literary ages since I posted on this blog but so very much as been happening. I have a tendency to get overwhelmed all the way into inaction. Rather than tackling things one at a time during busy periods, I sometimes simply 'let the ball drop' on a number of 'extra-curricula' tasks in my days. Perhaps it's a normal, even necessary, means of survival but it leaves me longing to regain some control mostly in terms of my desired creative exploits. I hope to get back into blogging because it helps clear my thoughts and reminds me of the 'stuff' that I am managing to complete, even it's not always apparent to me. Good news is that the children our thriving!


"The children". It still sounds like someone else talking when I say that but, it's true...there are two now. Rafael Gordon Stathis was born on 30 October 2009 and he's just so lovely.

My little BIG boy was 9lb 9oz, or 4.4kgs at birth. This is him a hour or so after birth and already hungry for his THIRD drink!!

After months of preparing, imagining, dreaming, I am still surprised by his prescence. Where exactly did he come from!? While I know the biological explaination for his being here (!), it's still sometimes difficult to believe that he is actually with us. It still feels like a surprise. A wonderful surprise. A surprise we never imagined we would EVER have. We're all in-love with him and Elsa is a great big sister, just like we knew she would be. Rafa is a relaxed, content baby. He shows his happiness with wide, lop-sided smiles and gentle gurgles.

Before meeting our beautiful boy, I went into a frenzy of nesting...and I mean a FRENZY! For months!!! It really did get ridiculous...comical even.

Every little inche of this house was turned upside down, cleaned, sorted and re-sorted, sometimes with the help of friends. Mum was also here for two weeks before Rafa's arrival and she helped feed my nesting needs.

A word on Rafa's name. It's a name that Dino has loved since our time living in Barcelona and I also became attached to it, but not until the days leading up to Rafa's arrival. Rafa's two middle names are in honour of each of his grandfathers, both deceased. My dad's name was Gordon. Dino's dad's name was Stathis (Esthathios is the full Greek name but we decided Rafa was going to have a big enough name as it was!). He is certainly a little boy with a big name but we love the fact that it honours his Poppa and Poppou. We will always feel sad that he will never meet these two very special men.


We had such a lovely Christmas in Sydney with my family. Pictures tell the story better than I can...(more photos to come ...this isn't all I have to say!).

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