Saturday, February 13, 2010


We call them 'courtyards', we sometimes call them 'gardens' but sometimes we call them 'the front' or 'the back'. And sometimes I feel a little sorry for myself and sad for the kids that they don't have a big backyard to explore. I lived on 40 acres until I was 10 years old and then 5 acres for the remainder of my time at home / with Dad and Mum. And I do love expanses of space but feeling 'sorry' for them/us on this front is quite pathetic really and takes away from how special these places have become to us and how wonderfully we embrace these areas in our lives. So, here's a little celebration of our outdoor spaces, where in the summer we squeeze lemons, paint, dig in the sandpit, pick and plant all kinds of vegetables and herbs (and even a little fruit), paddle and splash, dance in an occassional sun-shower and...for those things and so much more I am very grateful.

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