Thursday, July 22, 2010


It's been around three months since our Easter getaway still, I can't help but reflect on it as we plan to get away again. We had the loveliest Easter centred around a trip to Wilsons Promontory National Park. For some much better shots than I've provided here, look here. We holidayed with two of my siblings and their families and had a great four days. All this despite a few hours of rain, some cool nights and a little sleeplessness as the kids adjusted to life in a tent and the general excitement of knowing that four fun cousins were sleeping nearby (let me rephrase that...were supposed to be sleeping nearby!).
Easter was chocolate-packed but on the gift front, we tried to balance it out with some home-made gifts. I spent the car ride down stitching this little critter (read, Bilby) and trying to hide my work from Elsa, who thankfully slept most of the way down to the Prom.

I also made Elsa some pyjama pants out of some very 'Eastery-coloured' striped flannalette and filled the pockets with Easter treats.

I know I use too many photos to 'illustrate' my point but, who can resist when the natural and human scenery is so lovely?! We'll be back again next Easter.

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