Saturday, July 24, 2010


I've been looking for a special dolls house for over two years now. I was originally searching with Elsa in mind but now I'm hoping to find a house that they can enjoy together. I have "my" childhood dolls house, which was originally purchased by my parents in the 60s and given to my eldest sister and, sometime in the 70s, passed on to my other sister. It would've been the early 80s before I got my hands on it so it's truly been enjoyed through the decades. If the walls of that little dolls house could talk! I still love it, especially for the pleasure it's brought not only us three sisters but some of the grandkids too (it's passed through the hands of some of the nephews and nieces too). Still, it's not completely practical and is a little precious in terms of durability and general resistence to the hard-play that's sure to come its way; parts of it have been re-nailed, re-glued, re-inforced and I'm not sure how much longer it can hold up. Still, I am happy for it to be used until we find that perfect dolls house I have in mind.
For her birthday Elsa received an All-In-House which we imagined she'd use in her / my old dolls house but, the dolls house hasn't even come down from up high on the shelf because this works so wonderfully not only as furniture but as a house on its very own. So, while I'll continue to look out for that perfect house (a bigger version!), for now she's more than happy to enjoy the furniture-as-house (and sometimes just as furniture) combined with my ole house from time to time. She also received some dolls for her birthday. I so love seeing the variety of homes she constructs for her new little friends, the love and care and thoughtfulness she applies to creating a comfortable and warm surrounding for each one, it's so special. I hope that at some level she's arrived at this approach to her play through feeling the same love and care applied by her Mama and Dada.

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