Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Always time for a lake-side stroll

And a big walk with Dada...
Some of the other things I especially love about winter include the fact we have lots of family birthdays and get to help decorate the birthday cakes (and generally just celebrate and have lots of fun) - the second "snake-cake" was decorated by Elsa for her Dada's birthday - her first solo attempt at cake decorating and I think she did a fine job!

There's also plenty of time for indoor crafts without feeling guilty that we're missing out on the sunshine and warmth. These are the beginnings of party invites and thank you cards painted by Elsa. She's really enjoying her water-colour paints again, which makes me happy because I love to see how the colours blend and make beautiful shapes.
And then there's the actual sunny days when an outing to the park is perfect...

And there's always time for some sewing...she's getting more and more patient and enjoying the finer detailed hand-crafts, which is just so much fun for this knitting, sewing and stitching obsessed Mama. Obsessed, yes, productive, no - not so much at present but there is that beach holiday coming up! I must remember to pack her sewing things too...

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