Friday, May 27, 2011


Now that we're all fully recovered from our colds, I have a few posts to make, which may take a few days because I have my sister staying from northern New South Wales and we're busy, busy, busy exploring, sipping on tea and cooking, and talking of course!

Around here we celebrate the 'firsts' of everything (and the seconds, thirds etc etc!). Anyway, we had another last week - Rafael's first haircut! Now minus the little curl at the back of his head which was beginning to look more like a 'rats-tail' than a curl and looking even more like a little boy, he's oblivious to this latest change but his Mama notices every move towards boyhood and reminds herself that he is only eighteen months old (and I'm cherishing every moment - well, most!).

Peter of Tumble Hair gently cut away while Raf sat quietly interested

Later baking bread at home

Big Boy Haircut

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