Monday, May 9, 2011


This mummy/mama/mum/ma enjoyed the loveliest of times on Mothers Day...a big breakfast and muffins provided by Dada and Elsa (with Raf helping I hear), lovely drawings and a card made by Elsa (with some squiggles by Raf), a niece's soccer match (some serious cheering by this excitable aunt), some sewing time with my sister (a top for me...not quite finished), a shared baked-dinner made by D and my brother-in-law with a scrumptious custard tart for dessert (made by my 11 year old niece - clever chook) and then there were all the hugs and kisses and the...well, love. It was a great day. Oh, and the soundtrack to the day? This CD, a gift from la familia. Any CD that starts with a Paul Kelly track has to be good. And it is.

I hope you had a lovely day too, whether it was your Mothers Day or that of someone close to you.

Watching the parents watching the game was almost as good as the match itself! (though that was pretty good)

"Dada, when can I start playing soccer?"

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