Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Birds of Paradise from the garden, picked by Dada for the sniffling ones
We've had a week of it and copious amounts of ginger tea, Mama soup, oil-burning, cough elixer (this one by Weleda), a few lavender baths and 'Eucalyptus Hankies' (a little splash on a handkerchief stored close by for sniffing - remember that from childhood?) and oh so many books and hugs and 'homeness'. Antibiotics were required for me but the others escaped them. I am ever so grateful that we have antibiotics as an option, when needed, but it's also great to  know they've had success at fighting this bug on their own - this time at least (I'm sure they'll be a few more bugs about this winter).
Back to the books, our current favourite books include Dr. De Soto, Autumn and anything Shirley Hughes or Elsa Beskow (the latter two authors are ALWAYS a big hit around here).
Drawing by Elsa Beskow
Drawing by Shirley Hughes
Gnocchi seeks refuge under the book-box but Rafael was intent on a conversation
Making her own pretend herbal remedy
Making vegie stock, chicken stock and chicken soup - so very needed this past week
Time with her 'puppy', a remedy of its very own
A little hail storm to remind us that we're not missing anything out of doors

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