Saturday, February 25, 2012


A few more of these headbands, for Elsa this time, to keep the curls at bay for a while (just a while, we wouldn't like to keep them under control for too long!).

And okay so, like many, many people, I'm more than a little addicted to books, always have been and always will be but, I really need to kerb my spending in this area. I've been working not just on kerbing  but redirecting it. Small steps! Lately I've been redirecting it further towards second-hand books. This book store in Warrandyte is helping with the whole 're-training' process!

Just look at all the Enid's we found! Now perhaps I can start to work on quantity as well as cost.  Previously I missed the affordable book-buying options in Canada, where I also spent far too much on books! (but at least, I told myelf, they were cheap(er)). Now with the advent of online search  engines such as Booko  (and the retailers it links to), its been far too easy to locate books I 'need' at  a price more reasonable to our palette! So, Booko, I love you (perahps a little too much) but, like I said, we need a break.

As part of my efforts to reduce my expenditure on books, I've also been (slowing) making my way through a pile of books given to me last year for my birthday. March and People of the Book have definitely joined my list of all time favourite novels. Perhaps I should simply add Geraldine Brooks to my list of favourite authors and be done with it.. I've loved everything she's produced and March has left me yearning for more knowledge of the American Civil War. It wasn't high up there on the curriculum priorities at my Australian school and, I've never had an interest until now. One of my sisters lived in Iowa for a year and has offered to loan me some American history staples...I think I'll take her up on the offer.

For now,  Elsa explores the varieties of pink paint she can create (and one day, we'll organise the verandah!).

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