Monday, February 27, 2012


I've been using a pattern for a fabric book-sleeve from a recent issue of Mollie Makes, tweaked to fit my books of choice and  with widened inner sleeves to cater for all kinds of loose bits of paper. My Bare Books, which I use to jot down all kinds of things, are gradually being covered in this fashion.  I used  a 1940s retro fabric range from here. I'll have a few more to post in the coming days but for now, here's my first attempt. The Ric Rack serves well as a page marker and I like the colour contrast (it is sewn between the layers of the sleeve).

We've enjoyed seeing some Canadian faces around here of late with firstly, a visit from a good friend of my sister's from Vancouver and secondly, a day with the parents of a very close friend of ours from Vancouver. Her parents are from Vernon, B.C. and we've stayed with them in the Okanagan  and spent time with them on the West Coast of Canada too.  It was nice to see them on this side/end of the world and wonderful to hear more of that familiar accent (Dada has it afterall!). The visitors also served as a reminder that we need a north-bound journey, not that we need visitors from Canada to convince us of that! For now, we're loving Melbourne and, as an added bonus, yesterday we loved it with Canadian friends.

After collecting our friends from the docks (they're on an Antipodean cruise), we ventured into the city to meander through the lanes, collect some goodies from here and eventually have lunch here. I'd forgotten how much I LOVE the Tempura Pumpkin Roll with its rice, grated beetroot, seaweed salad, avocado, black sesame seeds - so fresh, tasty, crunchy and chewy all at once and  generally delicious! It was a very hot day but we managed to stay in the shade and enjoy our catch-up. Below; overlooking an almost vacant Fed. Square, which we put down to the heat. The heat was also our excuse to consume all the chocolates before they melted.


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