Wednesday, February 8, 2012


When considering the easiest way to give an update of events around here, a few themes jumped right out at me, the first being 'water'. Summer and water go hand in hand for many of us, perhaps especially in childhood. For me, that strong assocation extended well into adulthood; summer always equated with lengthy beach holidays and frequent weekend, weekday, any-day (!) outtings where days were spent in the water and on the sand, interrupted only by quick trips to the fish and chip or icrecream shop. Ah, to body-surf the days away, or simply linger in the ocean catching rolling waves ever-so close to breaking. We're heading to the beach soon but for now, we're enjoying water in other ways. More on that below. I'm also sneaking in some sewing at every opportunity.

With another niece starting high school, I was sewing headbands galore. While the vast majority of Aussie school students wear uniforms, her school doesn't require it so, I was free to pick any fabric from the stash. A few headbands using this free pattern and a headscarf that had me practising sewing rolled hems. And then because her Mama returned to work this year after 15 years at home with her children, a headband for her too (using the same pattern).

 And the water....

This Summer, for Elsa and Rafael, it's been all about swimming in their cousins pool (preferably with their cousins), the sprinkler, the hose and the river. I've gone overboard with the photos again but, I couldn't help it!

At the Warrandyte Bakery (above), so perfectly close to home and below, off for a walk along the adjacent river, where we were more than a little mesmerised by the ducklings and their not-so-new but equally as beautiful Mama.


And those cool owl pants? A Christmas gift from friends made with a pattern from here.

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