Thursday, June 30, 2011


Two cakes for Dada, another for a cousin made by his Dada
Hello from our third week in the land of four. Another year down, another June in which to recouperate! You see, it was also Dada's birthday in May along with two very important cousins. In our family, it's a busiest birthday month by far. Even Dino enjoyed two cakes this year - one at home and one with my sister's family. We're very taken with the idea of birthday WEEKS around here and it's partially the reason why I've taken so long to post this entry - we're recovering!

Creating a birthday table for Dada
Elsa decorated all corners of the house for her Dada's celebration
Enjoying his new crepe/pancake maker, a perfect birthday gift for Dino from family
Rafa leads his Dad through the zoo grounds
And then, we celebrated Elsa's fourth (!) birthday with a morning at Melbourne Zoo followed by an afternoon of food, family and friends at home.
At the zoo; a perfect tree under which to enjoy a birthday morning tea
We enjoyed the intimate celebration, though we almost starved the guests when the oven stopped working properly. Thankfully the neighbours allowed us to use theirs. Is there anything better than homemade pizza? Not to me.

Saved by the nieghbours, my pizzas make it to our hungry tummies
The most amazing thing happened on Elsa's birthday; we awoke to find the fairies had constructed their own personal, fairy-size door outside the entry to her bedroom AND had delivered a very special gift of a lovely book and fairy skirt. They even left a gift for her little brother. Those fairies think of everything (well, some things!).

In keeping with her zoo outing this birthday and her interest in the new elephants there, a little one made it to her birthday crown via a very rushed, last minute embellishment by this Mama.

Not a great photo but, you get the idea - not a great elephant either but she understood!

And there was this of course. Plenty of other little (and big) projects planned for her birthday remain unfinished but that's okay, they'll be enjoyed at whatever stage they make it to her sweet hands. And most importantly, she had a wonderful, wonderful celebration.

It was a birthday month that left poor Gnocchi wondering "what about me?"
These past few months, I've enjoyed watching the kids relish many opportunities to play with their cousins as we shifted from one birthday celebration to the next (the Melbourne based cousins at least, though the Skype chats with the multitudes of Sydney-based and Torontonian cousins were also muchly appreciated). A visit to their cousins/my sister's is never complete without checking in on the guineas and collecting some treasures from the garden.

On the sidelines at her cousin's soccer match in her birthday dress-ups
And when it was all over, time to sit and enjoy a warm cup of tea dressed as part fairy, part queen!

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