Sunday, June 19, 2011


A slightly delayed 'blog celebration' of Elsa's last week in the land of three. A week in late May when we enjoyed commentary and questioning such as "next week, I'll be soooo much bigger we'll certainly need to buy me some new clothes" and "Mama, when I'm four, can I still have porridge for breakfast". And perhaps my favourite "Mama, do you still remember the day I was born". Yes indeed Elsa! And thereby started many conversations about that day.

What a lovely, and sometimes challenging, year it was. The year that she really started to explore the body she's in; so much climbing, running, jumping, dancing, skipping...and so many new things; swimming, writing, news ways of drawing and painting, the beginnings of reading, a fascination with fairy-tales, much 'new'. So much enquiry, so much wonder. So many precious moments. Four. Wow.

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