Monday, June 27, 2011


A fourth birthday gift to Elsa from her Mama (a.k.a moi!) that I plan to make it again and again, perhaps in red or green next? The pattern is wonderfully straight-forward and quick, which are important prerequisites for me at present (though I can't say I had too many opportunities to sit and knit this over the past few months, when I did I was able to achieve more than expected in a short amount of time).

This is a size 6 to cater for the seemingly unstoppable speed at which she's growing - slow down little girl! For now, the sleeves will be rolled up slightly and her bottom kept very warm with it's length but I'm sure it won't be long before I'm knitting the next size up. And who knows, she might even get another size 6 sooner than expected; it will be tough to stay away from this pattern as it was such a joy to knit and she's loving it so much - true, it's not only me that's become obsessed with this garment, she also insists on wearing it at every opportunity. Yay! Phew, Mama hit the mark!
I ordered the Madeline Tosh yarn from here determined to have the same colour as shown in the image attached to the pattern but eventually went for a slightly brighter colour ('Cammomile' rather than 'Butter'). I would knit again with this yarn any time. The buttons are from here.

It's nice to have the reminder of sunshine on a winter's day don't you think? Though our winter days are not completely void of the real stuff down here, we always enjoy more. Greedy sun-hogs that we are. Now all we need do is take a look at Elsa in this cardigan for a reminder of the light on the darker winter days.
Lantern in hand ready for the Winter Solstice lantern walk with her 'kinder'/playgroup

Perfect cardigan to wear on a dog walk too :)

Other bits of brightness: candles at  the Solstic celebration this past Saturday night
On the needles now: a hat for a newborn


  1. gorgeous! the colour is just perfect.

  2. I love it!! Sunny and adorable! Your kids are going to look back at their baby photos one day and see all the love that was knitted for them.
    Jenn xoxoxo