Thursday, March 22, 2012


In light of the change of season, our Nature Table has changed hands. 

The gnomes have moved in bringing with them all their nuts, seeds, pinecones, bark and rocks, among other things. We see them surveying the land preparing to steal their favourite seeds underground for the cooler months. Here, at our house where it does not snow, we hope they leave us some seeds for planting out the autumn vegie garden. 

So much autumnal work to be done about here! (packets of seeds waiting to be sewn, knitting projects to finish and start, a cross-stitch here or there to be finished and others to be framed, the outdoor of a house to be painted (or at least, part of it), prerverves to be made (the tomatoes are calling!), a slower cooker to be dragged out from the cupboard and put to use, fire wood to be cut (we're so excited about the fire), chickens to be cared for, a dog to be retrained (she's escaping more and more!) and well, too many sewing projects to list....and soooo many family birthdays just around the corner.

Off to enjoy the autumn sunshine while it lasts!

Funny little seed pods from my Mum's palm trees

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