Thursday, March 8, 2012



A few more Huck Finn Pants for Rafael. He's now officially 'all Hucked out', at least until next Summer, when no doubt his current stash will be more like shorts but hopefully still fit him so I can obsess over a new pant pattern; for some cold weather pants, I have my eye on an Enid Ghilchrist pattern that I drafted when visiting Mum last October (and some others too).  

The blue cotton fabric came from here or here (it was a while ago) and was oh so lovely to sew with.. The denim pair are made from organic denim from here; it was also purchased a while back but I think it's this. If only he'd stay still for long enough to capture a decent photo!

Recently, I decided to halt my long-standing subscription to this magazine because, while I still enjoyed it, I found magazines were remaining largely untouched between Issues. I guess I find other magazines more relevant to our day-to-day lives, as lovely as it was to think beyond those parametres. So, while we continue to subscribe to Organic Gardener, Diggers and to buy Anthology (and between you and me, I think Mollie might join the ranks), Frankie, you're no longer inspiring me in the same way but, if you look particularly appealing any month, I'm sure I'll grab you (if you know what I mean). Now that I sound completely obsessed with my magazine subscriptions (!), I'll add further to that image because, to fill the Frankie-void, though it appeals in a completely different way, we now subsribe to Feast.

Since going T.V-free back around September last year, on occassion I've missed SBS, particulary the food, travel and history shows, along with the documentaries and foriegn movies - oh and Rock Wiz, of course! I think Dino's mainly missing Julia! (if you're husband has to have a crush on someone let it be a  French born, witty, intelligent, music lover: Julia has pizazz!). And back to SBS, let's face it, I miss almost EVERYTHING about that station.. Our Feast subscription is a little way to feed (excuse the pun) the SBS-void in our lives and while there's no more spare time in our lives than before, we do cook a great deal and this mag. is so very inspiring. The international flovour of the mag. is particularly appealing to us. The photography appeals with such vivid depictions of wonderful meals; I always feel hungry during and after reading Feast!

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