Wednesday, March 21, 2012


So, Summer, she's gone. I hear she's heading north where apparently many family and friends eagerly await her. I hope they savour every minute in her prescence. She left yesterday without a word of goodbye save a few smiles here and there earlier in the week and a gusty exit as she idled past her brother, Wind, who swept in without a word of warning.  I heard her whisper something to him on her way out, something like  'blow Wind, blow'. They've always conspired like that, ever since their first meeting all those years ago. And today, Wind begun that all too familiar task of reaquainting himself with us causing bustling chaos all round, reminding all that, while his sister impressed and brightened our days, he's here to shake things up a little. Unaware of his strength, the fallen tree in our yard (that just missed the house) signaled his arrival; so starts his three month stay. Don't get me wrong, I do like Wind, especially his approach to redecorating (the things he can do with leaves!). Still, it will take some before we stop missing his sister.

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