Sunday, March 4, 2012


I'm too embarrassed to admit how long ago I started these pants for Rafael, actually no I'm not! It was a very long time ago, in the life of a two year old at least; let's say around 18 months ago (see, I have no shame). I remember chosing the fabric for a particular impending beach holiday with the intention of sewing some 'lairy' pants suitable for a day at an Aussie beach, where boys and men are wearing all kind of  bright  coloured and fun patterned 'bordies'  (as an added benefit, I wouldn't lose him!). With summer seemingly fading fast, I felt the push I needed to complete these 'bordie'-style pants. Not surpringly, the basic pattern, isn't titled 'Bordie-style pants' (I'll get the pattern details soon). The original pattern comes minus the cuff and pocket.

The cuff idea comes from a friend and it's width can be adjusted as he grows without the wrong side of the fabric ever showing. The cuff was sewn separately (with the wrong sides of the fabic  facing) and applied to the pants....still don't get...I'm sure I could've explained that better but, perhaps you get the idea? For now, the cuff is ultra wide but the width is adjustable allowing the pant length to extend as he grows. So, if this summer has truly disappeared, they're sure to come in handy next time it comes around.

And the 'shifts'?

* One 'big' girl starting Kinder next week; three mornings a week of craft, bees-wax modeling and eurythmy (the activities set for the days she will attend) and, of course, play!

* One little boy determined to be nappy-free without the slightest  encouragement from us or warning from him; he's very decisive!

* One summer determined not to shine; though I'm reminded that the heat might return as late as April, I'm not hopeful and wonder whether all those corn stalks will provide.

* One Dada away in Sydney for the weekend and one family missing him (and one big sister wondering what gifts he'll bring back while the one Mama reminds her that he's not there for play! - though I do hope he squeezes in some time for himself).

* One basket of incomplete knitting projects from last Winter/Spring  and another laden with yarn, the focus of much planning.

* One Mama thinking more and more about the above; the peak knitting season is almost upon us.

* One big bag of tomatoes waiting to be converted to chutney and sauce.

* One basket of hand-sewing being visited more and more frequently by one very interested little girl (and one brother looking on frustrated that he's not quite old enough to join her).

* One Valentines display that really could come down but, probably won't (not just yet). 

* One rainy, rainy weekend that has me wishing for such persistance! (oops, I spoke too soon, here's a ray of sunshine now).

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  1. Go you good thing!!! These pants are beautiful and do great justice to that stunning fabric. Love Raf's bright boardies too....I have unfinished projects in my arsenal that go way further back than 18mths.....if only you truly knew!!