Thursday, March 8, 2012


Elsa's latest pair of shorts, made this Summer to provide a lose fitting, 'comfy' pair she might actually wear; as I've said before, she has certain preferences about these things - well, who doesn't really! As a child I was 'fussy' about my cothing preferring nothing too "scratchy", "itchy" or "tough" (which meant 'stiff'), no elastic around the arms, no jeans, no high-necked jumpers/ must've been a nightmare for my Mum. In any case, I get it. We all like to be comfortable don't we and, thankfully these shorts hit the mark. I used this basic pattern - again - and added  the trim around the leg and the pocket. The denim is from my fabric stash and the red fabric on the pockets came from here (I grabbed a pile of it for some Christmas sewing and pinched a little for this project). 

Now if I could only convince her to wear something other than 'Crocs' on her feet! When I explained to her recently that they were really beach shoes (that was my story!), she replied with "that's why I love them Mum because I pretend I'm at the beach everyday!". Okay.

My first batch of chutney; this one is Apple Tomato Chutney using a recipe from here. I was happy to add ten jars of it to our growing store of 'stuff in jars'. I'd like to make tomato sauce next, I just need to find 10 kgs of good tomatoes; we can muster some from the garden but ten kilos at once, I think not! It should be easy to find some good, organic, local tomatoes, in fact I passed a road side stall last week that might be just the thing. As soon as my bottles arrive, I'll be onto it.  I feel a tad guilty for buying jars but, I've been collected them for a while and there still aren't enough so I placed an order here.

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  1. So much wonderful sewing going on at your house. I'm very inspired and loving the chance to keep up with your projects via these posts. Would far prefer in person over a cup of tea though......sigh