Thursday, March 31, 2011


What beautiful sunshine we're experiencing. True, the sun shines often down here but there's something especially nice about the Autumn variety. It inspired us to dig up the vegie patch yesterday (a perfect place to remember Dad who had the largest vegie 'patch' I've ever seen - really, it was a paddock!). Elsa collected our last bowl-full of the season - yellow pear tomotoes - and then took so many photos of them! Not sure where she learnt that! This last bowl should do nicely on the pizza we're making tonight. Now we're in planning mode for our autumn garden.

Perhaps all this sunshine is what inspired me to start this cardigan for Elsa. The colour is 'Camomile' but she calls it "sunshine". I love this 'knitting in the round' business, no seams! I could be addicted, if I'm not already. In the words of the Whitlams "it was the beginning of the end, if I wasn't already in the middle". But I think Tim had something other than knitting in mind!

Her response to this latest project? "Mama, is that bit of sunshine knitting really for me?" "Yes Elsa it certainly is, and it reminds me of sunshine. Elsa: "Wow, again? You're my best Mama" (despite this comment, she does know I'm her only Mama! Though it would be nice to have an extra set of hands around here at times!). Mama: "Thanks Elsa" Elsa: "Mama, will you knit for me even when I'm a lady, when I'm all grown up?" Mama: "I'm sure I will" . Elsa: "That's soooooo exciting. I don't like wool but I might when I grow up".

HUH!?!! Oh no! And I felt panic surge through my body. Oh no, not now, not yet, she can't object to wearing wool yet! Looking at the pile of it in my lap, the latest cardigan well-underway, the waiting balls nearby I hoped she was kidding while realising all the while that her three year old sense of humour is not yet so developed. Taking a breath, I reminded myself that she actually likes wearing wool but recently heard another child express his dislike of all things woollen and was 'trying it on' for size, so to speak. So, I ignored the comment and went on knitting.

We also changed over the Nature/Celebration Table last week farewelling the shells, sand and bright yellow silk in place of fallen leaves, twigs, nuts, it's void of all things yellow with the exception of the rare tinge amongst fallen leaves and this little fellow of course.

All this sunshine inspires one of my favourite things. Eating outdoors with lovely friends of course. A good excuse to eat scones with butter and jam. Does one need an excuse?

And I love how the sun moves further into the house as we move closer and closer towards winter. Now, that placement of yellow in this photo looks completely contrived but really, it wasn't, unless Raf was providing some 'artistic input' when he abandoned his 'bug' in the middle of the room to run with his big sister.

Happy, happy, bright, yellow, sunshiny days to you whether they're with you right now or just around the corner.

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