Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I'm not often here and when I am, I barely seem to have time to update this space, which is a shame for me because it's one of my favourite ways of reflecting on days spent with the kids, with my husband and, occassionally, myself. When exactly do we get to do that - reflect that is?! And for me, it's always been an important 'job' but gone are the days of sitting for hours with pen and journal and/or postcards in hand recounting and 'breaking down' the day that's been. Gosh, I once did SO much of that, usually in a foreign country where and when it seemed easy to almost pensively wallow in a thought, insight or experience. Not that it was necessarily in a melancholy way. Anyhow, my point is that I need to take that time out for myself a little more often and this is a way of doing so. So, here's a little 'moment' or two of reflecting on our past few months.
I think for me this photo partially sums up some of the negative aspects of this past summer. What a barrage of unexpected devastation! Floods, earthquakes, a cyclone and now, the recent combination of an earthquake and a tsunami. We're searching for a way to contribute in some meaningful way that will help (albeit at a small scale) some of the people affected by one of the disasters. Not sure what that will be yet.

Personally, we've had a lovely summer; what seqway is appropriate moving from discussion of devastation to highlighting the positive? But we have, it's been a nice summer for us in which we enjoyed Christmas in Sydney with my family, visits to the beach, playing in water at every opportunity, baking more than is usual over summer (it's been so nice to have a mild one!) and plenty of socialising with friends we haven't seen in months. Also due to the mild summer, I've been knitting more than I ever have at this time of the year. More on that later.
Some Christmas shots...

A little wombat for Rafael for Christmas

Some pre-Christmas gardening

A new hat for Rafa courtesy of one of his cousins

Watching the 'cricket-pitch' at Mum's

Christmas baking