Saturday, March 19, 2011


Following a visit to Angela Baby last Friday, Rafael now has his first 'big' boy shoes and he's very impressed with himself. Thanks lovely friends in Canada, he hascopious pairs of Robeez (as Elsa did at his age) and while he'll continue to wear them, it was time for some extra foot support. He's so proud of himself! I also picked up some boots for Elsa and another, larger-sized boot for Rafa. Shoes for Winter 2011 done!

Angela Baby is an interesting place. It is owned by first generation Italians (Sicilians to be precise) and has operated in Melbourne for 21 years. A friend put me onto them and I think we'll be back over and over for the classic, European styles.

"Stop Gnocchi, STOP, look at my cool new shoes!"

His first outing in the new shoes was combined with a touch of fairy-hunting. No sitings made but plenty of evidence gathered. They lurk in the trickiest of hiding spots.