Thursday, March 24, 2011


A little farewell 'party' for Summer (yes, we still go by the solstices around here; definitely all that Canadian influence). So, Sunday was our day to bid adieu to Summer, until she comes again. She put on a good show; there appeared to be more shells than usual and we stole a few for ourselves. The water wasn't too cold either, not that I intended to get wet but of course I did.

Once upon a time, Summer and I had a great thing going on. Growing up in Sydney, and even during my 20s including times living overseas, I revelled in both the idea and reality of Summer. I was happy to bask on the beach for hours (probably too long), swim in the surf or lake or river depending on where I was, hike in the heat of the day, you name it. These days, mainly for reasons I won't go into now, Summer is not my favourite season but this year it was so mild that, personally, I greatly enjoyed it. What I didn't enjoy was watching so many people and so many environments challenged in mammoth ways by natural disaster. Obviously,the poem below doesn't relate to those circumstances. And man-o-man, I am clearly no poet but I once loved to 'dabble' and I hope to do so more often because it's fun!

Often like an intense party guest
I'm happy to chat with you a while
then retire to a distant, quiet space to take a clear, easy breath
free of your hot, penetrating gaze
free of your ceaseless, lengthy banter
free of your persistant, scorching engagement
I'm ever so grateful you relaxed a while
pleased that you took a back seat
noticed my lack of interest
my need for a reprieve
my need for peace
but never fear, they'll be more opportunities to come
more parties in which to shine
but your enthusiasm is dampened for a while
until, no doubt, you'll go back to your old ways