Friday, March 25, 2011


My Densyse Schmidt cushion-covers that I've been meaning to photograph for a while now. I went for the quick and easy option - no zippers, no piping, beautiful.
And here's the new zip-up vest that I've started for D (pattern from my current favourite book). I hope to have it finished for his birthday in May and I'm actually liking my chances because it's knitting up very quickly. He doesn't like the varigated yarn look so I've subsituted the recommended yarn with a Jo Sharp yarn and am knitting two strands together using 6mm needles thanks to a recommendation from Wool Baa. Not sure what colour zipper I'll use, probably orange or red. Actually, orange. Da man is a green and orange kinda guy.

I said 'vestS' didn't I. Well, I just sourced the yarn to knit a vest for Rafa too and hope to have it done for Spring, realistically, mainly because I'm knitting him a red cardigan for winter and I've already started a yellow cardigan for Elsa too. It's going to be a busy knitting season. One of the joys of not having had a typical Summer is that I've been able to start knitting projects in February, even January. Wooohooo. That's a first for me.

And yesterday was a day of firsts for our little 18 month old; his first play with play-dough, his first time climbing a tree (albeit a low-to-ground version!) and his first time saying "YUM" (and he said it over and over again every time food came anywhere near him!). Oh, he's so lovely.

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