Wednesday, March 16, 2011


My Rowan Lottie is complete! Okay, so it took me a while but the wool is 4 ply after all (mostly knit on 3.35m needles) and I did have a baby in between and, you know, life happened but now that it's finally here, I'm happy with it and Elsa is too. I knitted a longer sleeve and body length than the pattern called for so hopefully she'll be wearing it for the next few winters.

Apparently, it's suitably "soft and cozy" which increases the chances of her wearing it. I would knit it again only this is the largest size in the pattern (but perhaps in red for Rafa minus the flower trim, which by the way was so quick and easy to knit).

All this commentary about "soft and cozy" and requests for "not too scratchy" takes me back to a time when Mum was knitting for me and I would complain (incessantly) if something was "too itchy", "too tight", "too rough" etc etc. Perhaps we've entered a similar realm with Elsa where seemingly all of a sudden she's aware of exactly what she likes to wear, down to her preferred materials, colours and styles. It's just the beginning but it's sure to intensify (if she's anything like I was as a child anyhow!). For now, thankfully purple and this particularly yarn hit the spot.