Monday, November 28, 2011


Because we expected to be at the new house by now, our Christmas decorations are still in storage (for a few more days that is!). So, to fill the Christmas void around here, particularly with Advent looming, last week I bought this 'Advent Stick' from here (a Christmas fundraising activity).

Tied onto the stick are little tissue-paper wrapped gifts for each day of Advent, the first week featuring the mineral world, the second week featuring the plant world, the third the animal world, the fourth the human world. And by the end of Advent, that little seed pod will contain a little baby Jesus doll. I only know that because a printed run-down of the contents came with the stick, that is, I didn't peep or unwrap in advance - I promise!

Treasures from the mineral world
The kids are loving this way of celebrating and Elsa in particular is excited to discover the contents of each day's package. Today it was beach sand and though there's plenty of that around here, she was memerised by it - a good lesson for me about the simple things that hold their attention and bring such pleasure.

So this Advent stick, that is currently our only physical representation of Advent, is doing a wonderful job! Perhaps I won't bring out our other Advent calendars at the new place - perhaps (and yes, we have more than one - oops!). Oh, and I just grabbed this from Leslie, to make another Advent calendar...for another year....

And on this fifth day of Advent, our seedlings are in full 'bloom' reminding me of all the vegie gardening to come (and the eating to follow!).

And she's very taken by all things relating to Princesses and Fairies these days and even her drawings are showing it; this is Sleeping Beauty's castle, didn't you know?!

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