Wednesday, November 30, 2011


It's come to this and, really it's not so bad...we're now living out of a few boxes here at the 'old' place and slowly unpacking the ones that have made it to the new. But, by tomorrow afternoon, the move will be COMPLETE! And oh, how I'm looking forward to that! For now, we move back and forth between the two abodes and sneak in as much fun as we can at either end; at one end, we're savouring our 'last' of everything, at the other we're enjoying some lovely 'firsts', like Elsa holding our littlest chick. Some photographic indication of our toing and froing.

(my apologies, not much time for editing around here today..)

Out for dinner - Little Saigon, Footscray
Practising her dance moves on the newly finished floor

Here - Goldfish destined for many the fish tanks of many children

Those fairies and elves have been busy around here of late!

Morning tea here

And finally, Mama (a.k.a moi!) enjoyed a lovely evening out in the Village, thanks to a grown-up nephew providing the best sort of babysitting (big cousin are the best!). Dino and I had planned to use our 'leave pass' to attend this event (link to come) but with all the craziness of the move and my resulting tiredness, combined with a preference to lap up as much of our local world as possible, I opted for a night around the corner for the following.
movie at the Sun would you believe my first! Over our time living here (4 1/2 years), my best intentions of making it to the movie theatre have fallen short. I guess I did have two babies in that time and it wasn't the highest of priorities but, how I wish I'd somehow made time to see the occassional movie here. I'll just have to make the trip across town for movie and dinner nights! Any by the way, the movie was wonderful!

A lovely meal here and a window seat from where I watched Village night-life (again something there haven't been many opportunities to witness!). And Dino, arriving home from the talk, was able to pop in to share in dessert and coffee. There's so much we'll miss about living here but, the adventure awaits!

A sneak-peak at this new store - hey, the doors were open, the owners unpacking and this Mama politley asked some questions and was shown around. It looks good!

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