Tuesday, May 15, 2012


A new hat/bonnet for Rafael knit using a pattern from one of Mum's old (1970s) Patons pattern books.  My Ravelry notes are here. It's knit in Jo Sharp DK Tweed, a favourite yarn of mine. This shade is called 'Autumn', fitting no? (for us Antipodeans at least!). And I know, three photos of the same hat...couldn't resist.

I cast on when Raf was a wee babe then put it aside because it was much too big. It fits now, or, it would if he'd wear it! It's not that he doesn't like the hat per se, just that he really loves the one he's already wearing, knit by one of his aunts, and sees no need to switch to a new one - perhaps a lesson for many of us!?! Well, I could certainly learn from his outlook. So, for now, the hat is sitting pretty on the hat stand block, a 30th birthday gift from a dear friend and something I treasure. I hope to see it off the block and on his sweet head one day soon!

Every time I pass the hat, I've found myself considering what else I could make from this great yarn. Perhaps a brown Tea Leaves....that's on he list! And really, I should finish the one I'm knitting first...always getting ahead of yourself Ange, always. Off to 'simmer down' and enjoy the projects already on the needles.

And, a few photos from our visit to Yarraville yesterday where we enjoyed catching up with friends and visiting our old grocery store, park and even our former home, where the new owners were kind enough to let the kids sneak a peak inside. And of course, we had to grab some fish from Conways and here. So many memories....

A drive by Happy River, unfortunately closed on Mondays - next time

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