Saturday, May 26, 2012


Looking at my blog 'stats' over the past few months and I'm wondering who is out there? Am I so needy that I NEED to see a comment here and there? Mmmm...feeling a little that way...but no, no, that's not it...I don't NEED to hear from you, I'd just really LIKE to know who you are, that you've been, and, well I don't would be nice to hear about you too! :) I hear that a few european family members are here occasionally and perhaps some Canadian friends and family too... Go on, say hi and I'm sure to say hi back. 


  1. i'm here! i'm reading! i miss you. x

    1. Hi Leslie! Thanks :)
      How about a trip out this way soon? We can meet up the mountains or here, whichever you prefer...I'd love to chat all things printing-workshop with you.
      Sophie is two! I remember when she was but a babe in the car seat at Rafael's 1st birthday
      x Ange