Monday, May 14, 2012


At least that's what Elsa told me when I dabbed some of our newly completed tomato sauce (ketchup) onto her plate beside the baked potato chips we made today. Personally, I think it tastes a little 'vinegary' and needs some time to age and but I'm pleased they disagree.

We made this batch of tomato sauce with the last of the tomatoes from our garden, which were planted in late Summer and which, understandably, refused to ripen in the cool autumn weather but once inside, reddened slowly and apparently tasted good (I wouldn't know, I don't eat raw tomatoes). With 5kgs of green tomatoes on my counter, I had planned to make green tomato chutney but left it too long; we had a pile of ripe tomatoes waiting for another life so, tomato sauce it was/is! I adapted the recipe a little from this, omitting most of the spices and the garlic but adding more ginger. This might just become a staple in our house - I can no longer bring myself to buy tomato sauce but, never say never!

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