Wednesday, May 9, 2012


I've heard it said and seen it written that Autumn is the busiest time of year in the garden and it has seemed to be the case for us but, being our first Autumn here, and our first with a big garden of our own, we have nothing but a first Summer with which to compare! Still, it has been busy and that 'busy-ness' is slowly moving indoors as Winter approaches, which is a lovely and timely thing and I finally have the opportunity, and the motivation, to complete a post!

To date, this Autumn has seen;

* a fair harvest of tomatoes, zucchini, strawberries, french beans, corn (though most was eaten by possums) and other things;

* the sowing of packets and packets of Diggers seed in the garden and the seedling trays (watercress, spinach, white and red onion, spring onion, leek, snow pea, radish, turnip, cabbage, fennel, radicchio,  cabbage and more) and planning for the next round of planting (oranges, apples, strawberries, limes, respberries and blueberries are on their way, amongst sooo much else! - and I should qualify that statement - the plants are on their way, there are no guarantees that the fruit will follow, though we have our fingers crossed);

* a few mountain adventures, though my Canadian husband grins at the mention of Mountains in the Australian context (it's all relative isn't it!)(we're particularly loving Epoche and this wool store);

* some glorious, glorious weather allowing us to stay in the garden until late in the day and a little rainy, windy weather inspiring us to light the fire at least ten times (we're counting);

* the completion of a pile of knitting projects, some long-standing and a few relatively new (one above with some Ravelry notes here, and details of other completed projects to come soon);

* visits from a beloved nephew/cousin but, really, they're all beloved! (this one is almost thirty; such is life as the youngest of ten children; I have a multitude of grown-up nephews and nieces - and plenty of little ones too!);

* the re-uptake of juicing (our current way to start the day; usually with carrot, lemon, mandarin and apple juice - mmmm), bread-making, crepe-making (yummmmo) and slow-cooking (our most beloved appliance);

* planning for an upcoming 5th, 9th and 13th and 40th (birthdays they are);

* plenty of socialising with friends, old and new;

* a few visits to lovely Winterwood for inspiration and to gather resources for upcoming projects (more on that soon too!); 

* the death of a few chickens (goodbye 'Funny' and 'Alice') and, combined with cooler temperatures, a  drop in egg production (we're looking into Spring chickens);

* a yoga workshop in Yarraville for this Mama;

* more 'Kindergarten' for a 'big' little girl and plenty of days when we make it to door but, as she's not so convinced, we end up back at home (consistent with past experience, it may take a little while for Elsa to settle in which is just fine with us);

* a new playgroup for a 'big' little boy (his first activity minus his big sister so he's often still looking out for her or, at a minimum talking about her - I think my kids are good candidates for home-schooling!).

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