Friday, May 11, 2012


A birthday gift for a five year old friend made with a newish range of fabric from here (a Japanese, linen blend). I've lost track of how many times I've made use of this great, easy pattern, adapting the dimensions to suit the recipient's age and/or the bag's intended purpose. From incy wincy bags to bigger library bags, from short handle-sized straps to the longer, over the shoulder variety, mostly lined but occasionally not, this bag has worked for us!  It's an easy bag to make, though it initially takes a little fiddling to get the corners right (which you can't really see in these photos; those angled lines on the front reflect a bad ironing job, nothing else). I wanted this book (part of the gift) to fit in the bag, without it being too large to warrant other future uses of the kind demanded by a young child; apparently it's working out well - yippee. I hope 'Little Red' enjoys it for years to come, and if a wolf comes her way, perhaps she could pop it on his head and run like the wind!

A poor image of the lining!

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