Wednesday, May 23, 2012


We were minus a Dada/husband this past weekend; he was in Sydney for work (well, not really work but the humanitarian aid organisation he volunteers a 'wack' of time towards). We all missed him, despite it only being two nights, and were so pleased to have him back.

This past weekend;

* we enjoyed a raging fire both days, the first I've made in far too long (I find it such a grounding exercise and a lovely, shared project - the kids were happy to focus on all things fire-related - collecting kindly, larger logs, keeping an eye on its progress);
* I made it to my first chiropractic appointment in far too long, courtesy of a kind sister who came to look after the kids for me;
* I knit in front of the fire with children and a special visitor crafting and knitting all around (and enjoyed scones there too);
* the kids enjoy cousin-time;
* the chickens received extra attention;
* I shared a bed with two cuddly and slightly snuffly (STILL!) children;
* Rafael proudly worn a new hat (a separate post to come);
* Gnocchi, the dog, spent two nights outside chasing possums (all night!) and two days sleeping it off;
* we had a nice, long Skype call with D's Mum/the kid's 'Yiayia' in Toronto, Canada;
* I planned and planned for a special 40th coming up in our household!!!

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