Sunday, May 13, 2012



Happy Mothers Day to all those celebrating today, including those Canadian Mama-friends yet to wake to their special day! I called my Mum this morning hoping to catch her before her hoards of kids with their families but alas, I was too late and the house was already semi-full with five of her ten children and their families occupying most of the kitchen (such places of assembly aren't they!) and a few more on their way. So, it became a general catch-up with all versus a quiet chat with Mum, but that's almost par for the course (there are lots of us after all). By comparison, mine was a much quieter day but lovely all the same.

After a sleep-in (bliss), I awoke to a feijoa breakfast (of course!) and was knitting in front of a blazing fire with tea in hand in no time at all. Afterwards, I enjoyed a few hours gardening with D and the kids. We even managed to transfer my Mothers Day gift, being the lime tree above, to a big pot. Another of my gifts (chosen by Elsa) has given me all sorts of gardening and cooking ideas. But without wanting to sound all 'gushy', the best part of the day was opening the cards made by the kids and simply being together at home; I'm so glad we didn't go out.  Well, actually, I went out for a while. My sister and I took off for a spot of fabric shopping and a tea-break at a local cafe, and both happened to buy some new boots (and not Gum Boots!)'s been a while but, it is Mothers Day after all!!!

And today I started my Tea Leaves cardigan, though I haven't quite completed all my part-finished knitting projects that I aimed to before embarking on this new project. Oh well, today of all days, surely I can break a self-imposed rule. Yes? I've wanted to make this cardigan for myself since completing Elsa's Tea Leaves and when Mum and one of my sisters gave me a voucher to Sunspun for my birthday in March, I chose this yarn with the Tea Leaves in mind. Now 'she's' on the needles and, I'm very impressed with the yarn so far. With all the birthday sewing I have in mind, I imagine this cardigan will grow slowly but, I'm hoping to wear it this winter...fingers crossed.

Old man Rafael offers some gardening advice!
Garden greens for lunch

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